The traveller

The complete GS tour feeling

Feel like riding a few extra kilometres? Pack your travel accessories in the Vario case and the Vario topcase, fix it to the luggage rack and you’re ready to go. The BMW Motorrad
Navigator shows you the way, while the LED additional headlight provides clear visibility. The automatic chain lubricating system and
adaptive cruise control guarantee a smooth ride. If the weather conditions get a bit more challenging, the adjustable large windscreen and hand protector protect you from the elements. And if something unexpected
happens on your trip, the “intelligent emergency call” function is there to help.

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The intelligent emergency call automatically contacts the BMW call centre in the event of an accident in order to activate the rescue chain as quickly as possible.


Cruise control

The electronic cruise control can be activated beyond 30 km/h and keeps the riding speed constant.



Luggage rack

The luggage rack with case holder replaces the standard luggage carrier and enables the Vario luggage system to be fixed in place.


Vario pannier

On the left, the water-tight Vario pannier with patented adjustment mechanism offers a variable capacity from 30 to 39 litres. On the right, it offers a variable capacity of 20 to 29 litres.


Vario topcase

The water-tight Vario topcase with patented adjustment mechanism offers a variable capacity from 25 to 35 litres.


Topcase holder

You can mount the topcase or other large items of luggage reliably on the stable luggage carrier with its attractive design.


Vario topcase back pad

The back pad for the Vario topcase offers added comfort for the pillion rider both on short trips and on long tours.

Wind-weather protection

Windshield adjustment

With the windshield adjustment, the driver can vary the position of the large windshield and the tour windshield in two stages.


Large windshield

The large windshield offers increased wind and weather protection for the rider and is impressive with improved touring comfort.


Hand protectors

The robust hand protector gives the machine a sporty look and protects the hands reliably from wind, weather, branches and stone impact.



Navigation assembly

The navigation assembly includes the multi-controller, a holder and the mount cradle on the handlebar clamp.


Navigator VI

The Navigator VI is not just for touring fans. The system offers a wealth of additional functions in addition to providing perfect navigation.

Automatic chain lubrication system

The chain lubrication system supplies the drive chain with lubricant automatically during travel.

LED auxiliary headlight

The powerful LED auxiliary headlights provide even better visibility in poor lighting conditions.

The adventurous

Easy to tame

The BMW F 750 GS in light white non-metallic is made for adventure. Adjust the machine ergonomically to your personal build with the “extra low” seat positioning and the adjustable footbrake lever and gear lever. With the reduced-power engine version (35 kW or 77 hp), combined with the Pro shift assistant, you will tame your machine quickly during your adventures on the road. The engine protection bars protect the engine from damage during cornering and the “Free” decorative decal set shows that you are enjoying your new-found freedom to the max.

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Power reduction to 35 kW

With the power reduction to 35 kW (48 hp), beginner riders (class A2) can experience a real motorbike feeling.


Pro shift assistant

The Pro shift assistant enables comfortable gear shifts without using the clutch.

Free decorative decal set

The Free decorative decal set is perfectly tailored to the machine and creates an attractive, unique look.


Ergonomic adjustment

Adjustable footbrake lever

The height-adjustable footbrake lever has a wider pedal and patented flap mechanism.


Adjustable gear lever

The gear lever with adjustable pedal offers even better operation, particularly when riding off-road in standing position.

Engine protection bar left and right

The engine protection bar made from stainless steel protects the area around the cylinder from damage without restricting the tilt angle.

Design your individual F 750 GS

Choose from the wide range of special equipment and original BWM Motorrad accessories and individualize your motorbike according to your own preferences.

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